Let the Battle Begin!!

A few weeks ago I texted an old friend/ ex-coworker the following:


Me:  100 lb. Halibut!  Using the bones for fumet, cheeks, roasted collar.  Whatcha got for me, meat boy?!??

Tim: I made some sausage with ghost chilis and scorpion chilis!


Austin: Today Simon Winchester admired my Oyster tattoo..  Whatcha got, beeferoni?

Tim: My meat saws.


Tim: Lamb flank and castelvetranos.  What you got, fish food?!

Austin: Leftover chicken soup  😦

Tim: Victory!!  🙂


Austin:  (early the next morning)  Redemption: Maine Blood Clams, red color due to high amounts of hemoglobin.

Tim:  Damn!  Those are awesome!


..And so this went on for a few weeks before we decided that it would be a fun (and more productive) idea to put a blog together rather than geek out all day and text each other like teenage girls (actually we still do that).

So here we are!  Fishmonger vs. Butcher!  Me (Austin)- the fishmonger and Tim- the butcher will post weekly articles, recipes, raves and rants towards the food we work with and the culture that goes along with it.


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