Back in the saddle!

Sorry for the lack of updates! I’ve had a horrendous few weeks. I have a friend in ICU, had 5 stitches in my arm, and have just in general been extraordinarily busy. That being said…here are some sexy meat pictures!!!!!


  This is a whole round of beef, the back leg of the animal. That tiny knife (6 inches long) is the only tool necessary to break down the entire piece. From this comes: rump roast, eye of round roast, shank, london broil, top round roast, soup bones, sirloin tip roast/steaks, marrow bones for roasting, and some bones for dogs. The whole thing normally weighs around 70-80 lbs.


  This is the round after it is taken apart. You can see the big ol’ dino bone in the back. We cut the ends off for soup bones, and the center shaft is the marrow bone.

  This is an example of a prepared marrow bone. Phenomenal.



  The same thing as the first picture, but in lamb. These are the rear legs of a lamb, pictured with the tools I use to cut them apart. Shanks are in the rear, great for braising. Leg of lamb, lamb flanks, sirloin roasts are all intact in the large piece in the fore.

  An example of a sirloin roast of lamb.


More updates coming soon! We had a sausage class the other night, after hours at the market, so I will upload the few pictures I was able to take!!




2 Comments on “Back in the saddle!”

  1. Austin Banach says:

    Dude, that bone marrow is making me drool…

  2. butcherstruble says:

    yeah, man. it’s delicious.

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