So…it’s been a while

I have had quite the tumultuous summer. I apologize for lack of posts. I am back in the game now, and present to you various pictures with captions to ease back into things!!!!! ENJOY!!!



Gorgeous specimen of a thick-cut pork rib chop.

bits and pieces

Lamb, in the beginning stages of processing.
Far left: the torso. From here comes rack of lamb (lollipop chops, rib chops), loin chops (or roast) and breast (boneless or bone-in).
Left foreground: Shoulder. From here come shoulder chops, arm chops, bone-in shoulder or boneless shoulder.
Middle foreground: Shanks
Above the knife: Brisket (yes, lambs have briskets, though we bone them out and turn them into stew)
Right back: Legs. The two flaps at the top are lamb flank. At the bottom are the sirloins. The leg is basically cut down the center vertically, and then in half laterally. The result is leg of lamb (boneless, bone-in or butterflied roasts, or leg steaks) and sirloin (bone-in chops or boneless roasts).


Ashlee, Me, Cheryl, Jamie

Clearly, I am in the center. This was before an evening of festivities called the Apron Gala. It is a silly thing.


prepped for the case

3 pork rib chops, ready for the case. Grilled with black pepper and sage, served with a peach chutney. Gorgeous.


Ready for braising

Three lamb shoulders boned for a local restaurant, Till Dynamic Fare. Once procured from Bluescreek, the chef grinds them and makes delightful burgers with them.


ain't they beauts?

Just a few pork loin chops prepped and ready for the case.



Amazing shell steaks, or bone-in New York Strip. I’ve also heard them called Kansas City Strips. Their name doesn’t matter. They are the larger side of a porterhouse. And these were majestic.


These five boneless rib roasts were bought by a local restaurant to promote local food week. They were outstanding.


My boss, David, butterflying a hog for a restaurant. It was slow roasted and served, along with another hog, to about 200 diners in a roof top Biergarten.


If you like fat, this prime rib is for you!















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