Heritage Breed: Red Wattle Hog

My next few posts are going to focus on something very important to me: heritage breed animals. These animals are, as a rule, endangered due to industrialized agriculture. As we have “progressed” as a nation of eaters, we have whittled the number of livestock breeds down substantially, cutting out genetic diversity from the flock/herd. Most places champion black angus beef as the standard to which all other beef is measured. To some degree, I can understand. It is fat, which makes it flavorful. It is a hearty and quiet breed, making it easy to raise. To have one beef to rule them all is not something I, as a butcher, champion. When at all possible, I look for heritage breeds. For more information on this topic: http://albc-usa.org/

Red Wattle Hogs are perhaps one of the most unique breeds of hogs we have. And one of the breeds which people know the least about. Their name comes from the seemingly useless “wattle” that hangs on either underside of their jowls, and their rusty red coloring. The boars can grow as large as more than half a ton, and the sows normally come in at the 600lb mark. The meat from these hogs is unlike any pork you have experienced. It has a deep red coloring, is delightfully marbled, and has a distinctly beefy flavor. I have a friend who raises these hogs in Athens, Ohio. At last check, he was the only producer of Red Wattle Hogs in the midwest. His website: arcadianacres.com


From Neil’s farm. Sleeping wattles.


Actual size of a boar red wattle hog. That is a standard size human male.





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