Heritage Breed: Randall Lineback

I’ve been without internet for the past week…sorry about that.

Continuing the Heritage Breed topic with Randall Lineback cows. This breed is beautiful, docile, and versatile. Originally developed in New England, they were used  for beef, dairy, and as all purpose oxen.  Today, there are less than 150 individuals across the country, a few of which find solace on the land of Arcadian Acres near Athens, Ohio and Berle Farm in Hoosick, New York. The cheese which comes from Berle Farm, Bovinaburg, is perhaps my most favorite farmstead cheese. It is sweet, grassy, buttery with almond notes on the finish. A truly complex flavor from such an unassuming, adorable face!

I have had the pleasure of working with the ladies of Berle Farm, and I’ve known the owner of Arcadian Acres, Neil Perin, since high school. Both are deeply committed to the preservation of the Randall Lineback, and both are outstanding shepherds of the land.

From Arcadian Acres:


Please visit arcadianacres.com and berlefarm.com


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