Lamb, Deconstructed: Pt. 2

Continuing with the breakdown of the lamb (I learned how to make my pictures smaller, so the posts aren’t as long…I’m new to this blog thing…)


The shoulders, with shank attached.

Half Shoulder

The shoulder, after being split. Removing the shank and brisket. The shank is put in the case whole, the brisket is boned and becomes stew.

Brisket, shank, shoulder

Left to right: bone-in shoulder, brisket, shank.


The legs of lamb, sirloin end. Here it is easy to see how the sirloin becomes the loin, as you can see the t-bone shaped meat. The two flaps on the top are flank steaks. At this stage, the legs are simply split.

Whole legs

The legs split, sirloin roast attached. Were the shanks still attached, these would be “American Legs.” I assume because they are big and we are fattys.

Sirloin and leg

Leg left, sirloin right


The shanks. Here endeth the lesson.


One Comment on “Lamb, Deconstructed: Pt. 2”

  1. Michael Fiske says:

    Here endeth (your page doesn’t like this) the lesson. AMEN. Nice. I think the larger pictures were better. I still have shanks and sirloin chops in the freezer. Will do soon.

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