Picture the Leviathan

Today we are becoming more and more fascinated and aware of where our food comes from.  It is more accessible to see and learn where meat comes from than fish.  Local or regional farms are welcome to visitors who want to learn more about how animals are fairly treated and killed before they make it to the butcher and essentially their plate.  However, with fish it is more difficult, of course, to visit the ocean or simply wander on a boat to accompany fisherman.  In a market with chunks or fillets of fish, it is sometimes difficult to visualize the whole fish or source from where it came from.

Activist, artist and writer James Prosek has been climbing about boats for quite some time in effort to see the fish as it is pulled from the water and all its lively colors before they fade.  This film, made by a friend and mentor of mine, Jason Houston, documents his efforts in translating his memories and views of these magnificent sea creatures to give others a view of an endangered food source.  Watch the short version below and find out more about the film and James –here


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