Turkey Day and All That Goes With It

I’m so glad we don’t sell poultry at Bluescreek. When I worked at Weilands, we sold about 1200 of those damn things every year. And I was fortunate enough to unload…all…of…them. It took an entire day, then we sorted them by size, then we matched them up with orders, then the people came, then they got pissed off because their bird was a pound more than they asked for…it was cute.

But enough bitching, let’s talk about the bird!

One of the funniest things in the world is the following: put one of these:

Cornish Game Hen






Inside of one of these:


Cook them. When you serve them, pull the game hen out and say, “Oh my god, it was pregnant!” Hilarity will ensue…at least for you.

There are, of course, many many different things you can do for Thanksgiving dinner. I’ll be having a bone-in chuck roast. Mostly because my family doesn’t like turkey, and it isn’t big enough to warrant cooking even a 12lb turkey.

Capons, geese and ducks are all fowl you can experiment with, and should be easily attainable. They are a hell of a lot more fun than the traditional bird. I don’t do many things that anyone considers “traditional.”

It would be great to see some comments about what you are doing for your meal!


2 Comments on “Turkey Day and All That Goes With It”

  1. Michael Fiske says:

    Turkey from Weilands. Sorry Tim. A small one, but I won’t complain. And I will never do one of those fowl turkey stuffings. We do all the traditional stuff, but make dressing not stuffing, yams, green beans, creamed onions, mashed potatoes, home made cranberry sauce, and gravey. The key dish, however, is Graber Olives from California. The world’s best.

  2. Only the husband and I this year for T day, so I only did a fresh ham and from scratch green bean casserole- meaning none of the processed crap. It is my husband’s favorite so I had to find a way to make me eat it! Happy belated Thanksgiving! I think I will steal the cornish game hen joke for the next year I do a feast.

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