On Grilling


Far and away my favorite steaks. Bone in ribeye.

Grilling can be scary. I understand. You bought an expensive piece of meat, you don’t want to burn it, but you don’t want it to be completely raw (for reasons I don’t actually understand. As long as my meat is hot, it’s done.)

SO! Here are a few tips before the grilling season officially gets underway.

1. Directly over the flame is not always the best method of grilling. But, Tim! That’s where the heat is! Yes, it is. It is also where the flame is not. The closer to the flame, the higher the heat. You can experience this phenomenon quite easily by lighting a match and letting it burn all the way to your fingers. (Don’t actually do this.) Indirect grilling is usually best. I’ll go over indirect grilling later.

2. Know the fat! If you have a lean piece of meat, it will cook much faster than a fatter piece.

3. Pork DOES NOT HAVE TO BE WELL DONE. People often complain about dry pork chops. It’s already dead, you don’t have to kill it. Trichinosis isn’t really a thing anymore. According to Wikipedia, there were an average of 11 cases/year from 2002-2007.  I’ll take my chances to have a delicious pork chop.

My preferred method of grilling is natural wood charcoal. It takes longer, certainly, but the reward is so much greater. After natural wood charcoal, I’d use regular charcoal. Gas is my least favorite. I just don’t care for the flavor it imparts on the meat.

Indirect grilling. It’s easy. Don’t be afraid. Buy a nice thick piece of meat (at least 3/4 of an inch thick). Place the meat directly over the flame for 30 seconds to a minute on each side. Move the meat to a cooler area of the grill, away from the flame, and give it about 3-4 minutes/side for mid rare. Up the time to your desired state. Enjoy!


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