Easter, 2013

This Easter was undoubtedly the best I have ever had. It began with attending Easter Mass in a Catholic church (I was raised Lutheran and haven’t been to church in over a decade…which makes me feel rather old…) and ended with bottle feeding an orphaned baby goat. In between was filled with everything that Easter is about; love, family, beginnings, closeness…and food. Here, I will focus on the food.


Lamb Sirloin roasts with apricots




























My wonderful girlfriend, Carley was kind enough to invite me to her family’s Easter gathering this year. Her dad prepared these amazing lamb sirloin roasts, dried apricots and rosemary on top of a sweet glaze, then roasted quickly in the oven for a wonderful medium rare.

Standing beef rib roast, rubbed

Standing beef rib roast, rubbed

















A mid-rare beef standing rib roast was also on the menu. Carley’s dad rubbed it with a Caribbean inspired concoction, and it was absolutely delicious.

I was so excited to eat everything on the table, I completely neglected to photograph the entire spread. There were glazed carrots, a fantastic salad with goat cheese and cranberries, brussel sprouts with candied walnuts, challah, potatoes au gratin, and this:

The most adorable cake ever.

The most adorable cake ever.




























All of the food was amazing. It was a potluck of sorts, everyone contributing something to the table. It made me feel at home, welcome, accepted to be a part of the meal.

And then there was this little guy, who I fed…

Feeding the orphan baby goat, Campo.

Feeding the orphan baby goat, Campo.





















His name is Campo. His mother died during his birth, so he is now being bottle raised and is completely adorable. This is precisely what Easter is about, life and the promise of new beginnings. Many thanks for reading, and I hope your holiday was as enjoyable.















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  1. Michael Fiske says:

    Very nice, Tim.

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