Goat meat is becoming increasingly popular, not just for the adventurous any more. It is becoming decidedly mainstream. At Bluescreek, we have been selling out weekly, and demand is on the rise. When I first began working for David and Cheryl, we broke down one goat perhaps every other week, maybe every three weeks. We are now moving an entire goat every week.

Goat meat is a lean, red meat more reminiscent of beef than of lamb. Most of the goat we sell is in bone-in stew form. The loins, ribs, bellies, and legs are left whole, or cut into chops. The remainder is cut into stew.


Goat Stew

Goat Stew


Goat Rib Chops

Goat Rib Chops


Here is a recipe for Carribean Goat stew.



One Comment on “Goat”

  1. Michael Fiske says:

    Those must be the chops I bought today!

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