The Butcher

Ready to be broken down.

Local, local, local. I believe in working with local ingredients, local farmers, and preserving local tradition. I have grown up small business, have lived small business and want to continue small business.

I love working with my hands and meeting people. Nothing is more satisfying than breaking down a whole lamb, and then telling my customer how best to prepare it, from head to tail.




6 Comments on “The Butcher”

  1. Michael Fiske says:

    Nice work Tim.

  2. Michael Fiske says:

    You are welcome, Tim. It is nice to see your work and we enjoy seeing you. We have known you for a long time. Glad you liked the goat rack.

  3. Michael Fiske says:

    The lamb breakdown is great. I still have a lamb neck and shanks to cook.

  4. So nice to meet you today and I loved your dish! I buy my duck at the North Market, wonder if it is from you!

    • butcherstruble says:

      It was great meeting you as well! You don’t buy your duck from me, though! I work at Bluescreek, where we only sell beef, lamb, goat, pork, and veal. North Market Poultry and Game sells duck et al.

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